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Lone Scouts

Age Eligibility:  11 - 14 yo 




Scouts is the third section in Scouts, for young people aged 11 - 14.


Scouts work as a Patrol to explore the great unknown. Every experience will involve a new challenge and Scouts will support each other on the way.

Through this age section, youth members will have the opportunity to Plan>Do>Review> things independently with their Patrols. They will take more responsibility for themselves and others and push their comfort zones.


Scouts is about exploring the unknown. The Scout section may be the beginning of the journey for some and it may be the next step of the journey for others if they started as a Joey Scout or a Cub Scout.

While exploring the unknown, Scouts will work independently with their Patrol, building their personal confidence and leadership. This might include creatively finding new ways to problem-solve as a Patrol, expressing their evolving character and learning about priorities to enable them to pursue their passions and interests. The Scout will connect with the simplicity of nature and the complexities of life. They will be exploring expanding communities, both locally and globally and tackling creative outdoor and personal growth challenges along the way.

The balance of leadership will shift from adults to youth as Scouts take charge over their direction. Adults will support Scouts to be successful as the Scouts challenge themselves in new ways and through new interests. Scouts will experience achievement and make mistakes, overcoming the challenges of both.

Creativity will help Scouts find new ways to solve problems as a Patrol and to express their evolving characters. Scouts will learn about their priorities and channel energy into their passions and interests. 

The Patrol system is the small teams that the Scout Unit uses to ensure that all members have a great Scouting experience and can do wo with others. Many activities and experiences will occur in these Patrols.

Again, the program may operate for the whole Unit, or it may be focused on individual Patrols. No matter which, all Scouts will be involved in the activities of the Unit through either their Patrol or whole Unit adventures. Activities will often occur in Patrols and the tracking and recording of Milestones and achievements in primarily managed through the Patrol. Each Scouting activity might pose a new or different challenge for each Scout and it is the involvement and contribution during these times that will guide the achievement and presentation of Milestones.

Scouts' understanding of the world will expand dramatically, as they take interest in community issues, both locally and globally. National and international communities will begin to mean more as Scouts explore further afield. Scouts will recognise themselves as part of something much larger than themselves and commit themselves to contributing meaningfully.   

You will wear the National Scout uniform along with the Lone Scout scarf to show which Group you represent.


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