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Lone Joey Scouts


Age Eligibility: 5 - 7 yo



Joey Scouts is the first section of Scouts, for young people aged 5 - 7.


In this age section, Joey Scouts are welcomed into the global movement to begin their adventurous journey through Scouting. The program challenges Joey Scouts to discover all kinds of new adventures.


This is the beginning of the youth member's journey as a Scout and in Joey Scouts, they will make new friends and look out for each other.

Many activities and experiences will occur in small teams known as Patrols. This will ensure that everyone has a great Scouting experience with others.

The Joey Scout will discover new adventurous activities, like rock climbing, snorkeling and canoeing. They will also explore bushwalking trails in the outdoors; have fun discovering what they can do with 'bushcraft'; go camping; prepare campfires and play games.

The best thing about Joey Scouts is that with their Patrol, they will help make choices about what activities and adventures they can be a part of.


The Joey Scout section is all about the youth member starting to explore independence, teamwork, leadership, adventure and the outdoors in an exciting environment where risk is there but safely managed. As Joey Scouts, they will try new things, develop deeper friendships and learn new skills.

Joey Scouts will have the opportunity to start developing leadership skills, planning activities and taking on leadership roles to help their Patrol complete challenges, with the support and assistance of trained adults, both in Scouts and in the wider community.

They wear the Joey Scout National Uniform and Lone's Group Scarf so everyone knows they are Lone Joey Scouts.  Joey Scout uniforms can be purchased from the Scout Outdoor Centre online or at 192 Rundle St, Adelaide SA 5000. 

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