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Honorary Members

Lones Honorary Members

Honrorary membership is bestowed on members who provide a significant level of service to Lone Scouts.

The following members have been bestowed honorary membership of the Lones Scout Group.


Honorary Members

1990 Mrs Phyl Daniel

1990 Mr Darren Lodge

1992 Mr Barry Brown

1992 Mr Ivan Turner

1992 Mrs Maxine Turner

1996 Mr Robin Maslen

1998 Mrs Rose Warner

1999 Mr David Weston (posthumously)

2002 Mr Barry Light

2005 Mr Greg Hurrell

2007 Mrs Sylvy Dolphin

2010 Steve Welke

2010 Tim Niemann (Germany)

2013 Hazel Matthew  "Tic Tac"   (UK)

2014 Nicola Capon

2018 Aleiandro 'Ali' Ramirez (Costa Rica)