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Fees & Payments


Group Fee Structure

The following is the Scouts SA and S.A. Lone Scouts' Fee structure.

These annual fees are applicable from 1 April 2020.

  • SA Branch Fee (HQ) - $58.00*
  • Group Fees -
    • $50.00 first child
    • $40.00 second child
    • $25.00 each child thereafter.

The group fee shall be reviewed on a yearly basis and be recorded at a District/Group meeting before April of every year to coincide with Branch's end of financial year.

*Scouts SA have also been flexible in this area due do COVID-19 and effective from 1st May 2020, all members will receive a 75% reduction of their Branch fees for a 12 month period. This means that youth members will only be charged $14.50 in Branch fees, instead of the usual $58.00.


 SA Lone Scouts - Online Banking

  • Account Name: SA Lone Scouts
  • Bank: Beyond Bank Australia
  • BSB: 325 185
  • Account Number: 03594754